Want to build a Club around a specific Topic, Organise a Workgroup to optimise your Productivity, Create a Student community to help each other and Grab the Precious Degree, A smaller group to Synchronize with your Friends, a Game Community and talk with your Members or a Public Community allowing everyone to participate …. All of this and even More, KLUPTEEM The all time Most Featured Community Hub.
Built-In Calendar
- Built-in Calendar;Anyone can check Your Official Schedule, Know what you plan and when to Come.
- Event, MainEvent, Direct;Different kinds of Event, Better Readability, giving precision to your community and allowing anyone to follow Events they Prefer.
- Easy Moderation;No Longer needs to add each day more stuff to an endless blacklist. Now you can simply put what you want in a whitelist. Tags', Members' or even Links' Whitelist, everything can be automatised. As simple as powerful you put what you like in and everything else disappear.
- List of Lists;Talking About List. You have them all Checklist, Classic or even Polls to get the opinion of your Community.
Sponsors and Partners. Media River and Chat Flow
- Sponsors and Partners;An easy way to earn some Bucks thank to the Referrals you advertise. Further more you can give a spot to all the project you like and allow your members to Discover them.
- River;All the pictures and video can be putted in 1 separated feed if you want a kind of "Instagram style".
- 3 Kinds of Chat Display;Making sure you will be able to follow the conversation with ease.
A whole Forum Longside Your Community
- True Built-in Forum;A lot of organisation, easy readability, made to last and allow anyone to benefit from Previous conversations. Including every compatible Community's Features.
Unique "In-Grape" Topic and Post
- Forums Renovation By Tactikast;Where each topic can be completed with 10 Additional highlights. You can Finally Showcase your videos, pictures …. And add checklist, tag list, context, links, plan …. Everything needed to make sure the conversation will go in the right direction, and will be easy to follow.
Finally the Group, you perfectly know it. A cosy place where you can talk with your friends. Fast and efficient, Few features, Raw simple, 100% optimised for speed and responsivity, no lag, no freeze, you chat and that's it.